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Super Sonic Racing

So, next month, Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing is coming out. I've pre-ordered it for the Wii and the DS. I'm really hoping they have NiGHTS as a DLC. Why DLC? Cause if they announce him as a playable character, bad things will happen. Namely, the admins of NiGHTS into Dreams.com will burn all of their NiGHTS related things. I don't need that to happen thank you very much. It'll break my heart if have to do that.

Anyway, in other news, I'm looking for a job to fund my con trips to Cleveland, London, New Jersey, Scotland, and different cons in New York. And my lolita, cosplay and fursuit expenses. I think I'll upgrade my lj too. And buy myself a tablet. And a chihuahua named after my favorite Sonic/NiGHTS character maybe? <3

Lol, yes I am crazy.

In personal news, I'm not going to be talking to my mother for awhile. All I can say is that God don't like ugly and karma is a bitch, and she'll get hers soon.

Sonic Lolita? What?

"What is a Sonic Lolita?" my friend asked today when she saw my one pitiful post on my journal.

"A lolita who likes Sonic?" I reply.

"I thought you were a sweet lolita?" She asked.

"I am! But I really want those Sonic the Hedgehog earmuffs! They're to cute!" I reply.

"But they don't match!"

"Like I care?! It's Sonic and if the other lolita's of the world hate me for wearing a Sonic graphic tee with a blue strawberry skirt, well they can just bugger off and go complain on their ljs!"

"You're crazy. The good kind of crazy."

"Lol, thank you?"

Lol, nothing good ever comes out of drinking hot chocolate laced with extra chocolate. I really do want those Sonic earmuffs. I don't care if they don't match my sweet lolita style, I love Sonic damn it. They should make one for Shadow, Silver and Knuckles. :3

First post about absolutely nothing at all.

So yeah, just like the subject title says, this is my first post. This lj will be used to chronicle my life as a lolita/cosplayer/human/girl/SEGA fan/NiGHTS fan/Sonic fan/writer. Yes, I'm all of that rolled into one, lol.

Hope to post more soon. <3

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